New York: Architecture

While I was in New York, it became a bit of a project for me to take photos of the buildings. I guess they fascinate me, because they are unlike any buildings that we have in Denmark and in a lot of other cities. They are so big and tall! I think, they make me feel a little insignificant.

Moving to Hamilton made me realise how big an impact the buildings have on your impression of a city. Here, the buildings are grey and not very architectural. I love Copenhagen and moving to Hamilton made me love Copenhagen even more. Besides shorter distances, longer days in the summer, better public transit, lots of bikes, small cafés with outdoor seating, the architecture is what makes me love the city. This entry is not about my love for Copenhagen. However, it illustrates that the buildings make up the bulk of the scenery in a city. In New York the buildings are so ginormous that immediately they make it feel like a great city and also, I think it enhances the feeling of the city being so crowded.

I hope you get that feeling too, when watching these pictures.


View from the Brooklyn BridgeIMG_0131 IMG_0140IMG_0149I love this photo because of the police car and NYC taxiIMG_0152DSC_0079DSC_0091_2

Ground Zero MemorialDSC_0082

The Flatiron BuildingIMG_0014_2The Empire State Building in the backgroundDSC_0164The Meatpacking District- notice the lower buildings and a more casual feeling?
DSC_0099DSC_0101Forbes MagazineDSC_0063 Pelham Parkway Subway st. in the BronxDSC_0077




One comment

  1. JEG ELSKER NEW YORK …… jeg vil snart der over igen!!! Super billeder.
    Ps. Farfar forstår ikke engelsk!

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